tSlider is a beautifully designed sliding tiles puzzle for kids and adults!

Slide one or more tiles by swiping the tiles into the empty space and solve the puzzle. You can slide entire row or column.

tSlider includes a Smart Help Hints for every stage of the game.

Your Game Score take into account the time it took to solve the puzzle, the difficulty level (including using numbered tiles), the number of moves, and the number of help hints.



  • Shuffle puzzle tiles and play. Slide the puzzle tiles to the correct position to solve the puzzle. Tiles sliding is enabled only after the tiles shuffling.

  • Use the Smart Hints Button for every stage of the game to learn which tile to move and its target position. 

  • Use Home button to cancel tiles shuffle and to return to the ordered puzzle picture.

  • Use the Help Button for a detailed How-To-Play scroll view.

  • Share your solved puzzles and scores with your family and friends.

  • Send your puzzle pictures to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or save them to your Photos Library!

  • Use the Settings Button to:

    • Select one of three difficulty levels: 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5.

    • Open tSlider Library and change the puzzle picture. You can add pictures to tSlider Library using the device Camera or from Photos Library. 

    • Add tiles numbers if the puzzle is too difficult. This important feature is not enabled when the puzzle picture tiles are shuffled. Add or remove the tiles numbers before shuffling the puzzle tiles.

    • Select sound On / Off.

    • Change the game background.

Version 1.5

  • iOS 11 and iPhone X fixes .

  • In-App Purchases and Ads removed.

  • General UI improvements.

  • Stability and Performance improvements.

  • New Background Images.


Version 1.4

  • New In-App Purchase option to remove disturbing ads.

  • UI changes and general improvements.

  • Updated How-To-Play help view.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Stability and Performance improvements.


Version 1.3

  • To celebrate my coming birthday the tSlider app will be free for limited time. No ads. No in-app purchases. Just free.

  • New help view. A detailed How-To-Play scroll view.

  • New buttons, new backgrounds, new look.

  • Performance Improvements.

Version 1.2

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

  • Improved Help Hints algorithm.

  • New background images.

tSlider - The Sliding Tiles Puzzle For Kids and Adults


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